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      The frame's strength and weight are conflicting terms. ln order to increase the strength, the weight of frame materials must increase, which increases the width, and in order to decrease the width, the frame materials weight must decrease, which lowers the strength.

Such logic is applied enen more for existing frames, since it is only for frame materials' width; however KIGAN 3D Press Frame has succeeded in securing a structual strength that is over frame material width though vending, twisting, and embossing processing technology.
      Basically, since guide's frame and ring are comprised of different substance, it was not easy to secure the bond. ln order to secure the bond, the physical gluing surface of ring and frame nddes to be increased, however, since the existing frame can only increase the gluing surface by increasing the frame material width, there was a limitation where the guide's weight can only increase accordingly.

3D guide has allowed he increase the gluing surface as much as required regardless of frame material width through a 3D press processing and is an advanced technology that allows frame design in various shapes compared to existing drawn frames.
      KIGAN 3D guide's merit is that it can be made without being restricted to the frame shape unlike other competitors'drawing frame. Therefore, the frame around the ceramic ring line flow is much more naturally flowed into a curve shape that faces toward the top.

  If such 3D processed frame and thin and strong zirconia ring are assembled,
the guide becomes perfect.
It will become a perfect guide that upgrades the ROD capability!