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Coporate Logo   3D Logo
Download Applicable Items :
- Stationery
(Business Card, Letterhead,
- Office templates (Fax, Memo)
- Awards
- ID badges
- Corporate signs
Download Applicable Items :
- Advertising
(Print, Online, TV and Outdoor)
- Websites and microsites
- Promotional literature
(Leaflet, Brochures, etc)
- Packaging
- Retail signs and POPs
- Shopping bags
- Service vehicle

Logo of word mark type that contains the idea of trust, co-prosperity, innovation and healthy management. The straight and right Gothic style of type stands for straight spirit of healthy management. Based on the unfathomable consideration, the black symbolizes belief in trust. The gray sub style of type symbolizes innovative technology through the mind and completion of craftsman. The meaning of co-prosperity is indicated by highlighting the individuality and character of each style of type through distance between letters.


The goal is to march as brand specialized in the parts of fishing rod by developing products through incessant technical innovation and managerial innovation of ambitious and young enterprise in the 21st century.


The vision is to produce the image of KIGAN in cybertic logotype that is to be the leader in rod components on the basis of accumulated technical competence so as to express the future-oriented vision of the enterprise.
Exclusive color

As main factor that forms the identity of KIGAN in logotype and double, the exclusive color delivers image as it is applied to diverse visual media. To use exclusive color efficiently, it is required to maintain the standard color by checking printing method, concentration of ink, paper quality, etc.
- Main color
- Color regulation
Designated style of type
Designated to be harmonized with logotype, the style of type can be selected and used in accordance with the character and contents of medium. Although this designated style of type should be used when style of type is applied to all media, other styles of type can be also used, depending on the property and applicable conditions of medium and design concept.
- main
- sub